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Food Photography

Food Photography Food Photography Going Stale? We all know that when it comes to great food the smells and taste buds all play a part in the enjoyment of any dish. What we probably don't consider in the same way, is how important the visual elements are in impacting our appetites. With this in mind…

Coconut Water: the ultimate thirst quencher!

Coconut Water Coconut Water: the ultimate thirst quencher and nutritional treasure! Put down your green tea and ditch the cranberry juice, because Coconut Water is back in town and about to blow your mind. I could go on forever about the benefits of drinking coconut water but rather than bore you with pages and pages,…

Dining Like Kings at Hazlewood Castle

Dining Like Kings at Hazlewood Castle A few weeks ago, Keylight studios were commissioned by Hazlewood Castle to photograph some of the new additions to their mouth watering menu. And what a treat! Based just outside of Leeds and located on the very appropriately named Paradise Lane, this luxurious hotel offers a whole host of…