Product Photography Specialists


Full Time Studio Manager.
The position requires the applicant to have an excellent understanding of Studio Product Photography. Lighting and post production a must!
The job would suit anyone who is currently in a similar role but looking to venture to pastures new.
This unique position will offer the successful applicant a “profit share” and a “partnership” within the company.
In brief we are looking for a very experienced photographer to take over the running of an already successful part of our company.
Please send your CV to…
Gary Gough
Keylight Studios
South Lane
West Yorkshire

Product Photography Specialists

We create images that sell Products and Brands!

Product Photography Specialists – Here at Keylight studios we are a bunch of creatives that are as passionate and excited about what we do today as when we were new to photography. We believe the way to do great work is to truly love what you do. So we are always striving to improve, be more creative and exciting in the work we produce.
It is our aim to create long lasting relationships with the people and businesses we work with.
That is our philosophy and we believe a good recipe for success. So we hope to work with you soon. If you’re passionate about your product and business then we know we can create great work together.

What’s Cooking?

We were recently invited in to the kitchen at the opulent Hazlewood Castle to whip up some delicious food photography for their signature restaurant. The results, we think, were pretty tasty. Click the button below to check out some our favourite images from the shoot.

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Life in The Fast Lane

For one of our most recent projects we were given the opportunity to demonstrate our automotive photography skills, with access to a truly amazing piece of machinery and craftsmanship just down the road from our studio in Elland, West Yorkshire. Take a look to see the results we achieved photographing the stunning Aston Martin Vanquish!

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A Bit About Us

These days there are not many people who don’t have access to a camera, they are literally everywhere and millions of photographs are taken everyday. We’ve all seen it, the night out selfies or the countless smartphone snaps.

But if you want your products to be taken seriously you’re going to need someone a little more professional than an instagram warrior with a phone full of filters.

As professional photographers we work closely with our clients building a rapport and a sense of trust, while identifying their needs, criteria and the overall goal of the project.

As true professionals we are able to take an idea and run with it, to deliver the final result within the time frame and budget constraints previously agreed.

The way your products are presented sets your customer’s expectations. Do you want your products to be seen through quick and careless images or crisp, carefully constructed masterpieces?

The answer is simple, if you want your products to sell, you’ll go with a professional every time.

That is why we are meticulous when it comes to photographing your products, taking pride in all our work.


Choose a professional. Choose Keylight Studios.

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